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New York Auto Brokers Association is committed to making sure our members and consumers are well-informed with current and new legislation.

Brokers are currently under attack by some dealer groups, who are trying to put us out of business. We have sent Lawyers, Lobbyists, and many other experienced people to Albany, and by doing so we have effectively been able to keep this business running. We are the reason Auto Brokers have not been shut down. We have dedicated volunteers that have been devoting their own personal time, and working tirelessly to make sure Auto Brokers can keep their lights on and doors open. There are many ways you can help. You can raise awareness with your assemblymen and woman, and state senators and explain what a broker is, and how they've helped you. Auto Brokers can reach out to  customers and friends and have them support our fight. Or you can reach out to your leasing company friends and have them join the association. There is power in numbers, and the more support we have the better.

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