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Read some recent headlines, and see for yourself how brokers are here to help.

Nobody enjoys going to a dealership. You can sit there for hours, be handed from salesman, to manger, to sales manger etc. You leave the dealer after hours of your precious time has been wasted, in a car you didn't want and paying more than you wanted. While this is not the case in all dealerships, too many people have this experience. Brokers make the experience simpler and more enjoyable. Below are some news snippets you may relate to.

Ford and GM Warn Dealers to Stop Charging So Much for New Cars

Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. are clamping down on dealerships that are trying to charge more than the sticker price, a tactic that has proliferated amid the car shortage.

"Buyers should consider themselves lucky if they can even find a car worth haggling over."

The most frustrating part of buying a car has traditionally been tense negotiations at the dealership. Lately, buyers should consider themselves lucky if they can even find a car worth haggling over.

15 Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesperson

Why can't you be honest when you buy a car? Imagine going into the grocery and having to worry about asking for a bottle of milk! Would you shop there, or find a way to get to get the milk without concern?

Kia Dealer Smacked With Big Fine For Deceptive Pricing

As new vehicle inventory shortages continue, dealers sometimes markup pricing to compensate for fewer vehicles sold, but it's not always clear to buyers how the costs stack up. Some dealers choose to be transparent and clearly label the added costs, but some wrap the upcharges in convoluted accessories or warranty packages that make it hard to figure out where your money's going.

Area dealerships overcharging tens of thousands on car lease buyouts

Deceptive dealerships overcharge customers thousands of dollars when buying out their own leases, charging a a phantom fee not listed on the invoice. When buying out a car lease, the price is not negotiable. It's fact in writing on the original lease agreement called the "residual value."

One person says his dealership also tried bumping his buy-out more than $3,000 calling it a "processing fee."

7 On Your Side goes undercover to expose dealerships overcharging thousands on lease buyouts

With prices going for twice the money it has in the past, more car owners have been buying out their leases, instead of turning them in. Earlier this year, 7 On Your Side investigated and told you about dealerships that overcharged customers thousands on lease buyouts.

At one dealership, The finance manager said the $4,000 fee is standard and every customer doing a lease buyout gets charged the fee. About 60 people paid the fee, as per the finance manager.

That totals $239,700 in overcharges, and 7 On Your Side caught eight Nissan dealerships in New York overcharging.

Brokers are here for you. Whether its a language barrier, negotiation tactics, or just simple convenience- Brokers will invest their time to assure you get a great deal with exceptional service every time.

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